March 15, 2022
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March 15, 2022

How to Increase Sales with Salesforce CPQ?

How to Increase Sales with Salesforce CPQ?

When the sales cycle is lengthy, faster closure of deals becomes challenging. Especially with a growing business and increased customer demands, it becomes difficult to handle quoting and pricing for complex, high-value products. Additionally, we must factor in additional discounts, service add-ons, and accessory bundles when determining the price. When all these things are carried out manually, it's too time-consuming, and errors are highly possible.

What is CPQ in Salesforce?

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quotes) is a quoting application that helps sales teams create accurate quotes and manage customer pricing and contracts. It includes many features to help sales teams streamline their quoting process, including product and pricing data management, quote generation, and approval workflow. CPQ application enables sales reps to quote pricing quickly and accurately by taking into account optional features, customizations, quantities, and discounts into consideration. Since Salesforce CPQ is cloud-based, it can be accessed from any device. Integrating Salesforce CPQ with your CRM platform can double the efficiency of the sales process and enable the sales team to make more impactful decisions.

Additionally, Salesforce CPQ employs the company's customer databases to allow the sales team to reach specific customers with tailored quotes; This lowers the margin for error and automates the repetitive process.

How Does CPQ Speed the Quoting Process?

The lengthy sales cycle affects sales revenue and slows down the closing process; sometimes, it breaks the deal. Since the clients' requirements also keep changing, more than the predefined budget might be needed. A quicker quote generation is the key to winning more opportunities.

Salesforce CPQ tool automates most of the monotonous, repetitive manual tasks. This feature radically reduces the chances of errors by decreasing the mismatch between quotes and projects.

Data scatter is another issue the sales team faces, which slows down the sales process. With Salesforce CPQ tool, you can connect other departments' data with the CPQ application to make it a source of truth. Its integration with other third-party applications assures seamless data transfer, and the efficiency of the sales process is improved.

CPQ solutions also provide a real-time platform for real-time discussion, allowing you to collaborate with your teammates within the document, thereby breaking down other confusing communication barriers like emails.

Integrating CPQ with CRM

Integrating CPQ with your existing CRM system ensures profitability in sales revenue and improves overall efficiency. You can accelerate your deals by managing the entire deal flow within the CRM. Businesses can optimize their sales performance and stabilize the sales cycle. Salesforce has reported that their CPQ users see a significant return on investment (ROI) after using CPQ in combination with CRM. An organization can use CPQ to update its sales processes for maximum productivity.

How CPQ Increases Sales?

An integrated CPQ and CRM platform facilitates clear insights into customers through all digital engagements. Understanding the client's needs helps to smooth out the deal stages. The built-in features in Salesforce CPQ make every stage in the sales process simple and efficient. Data transfer from other third-party applications and the auto-sync of existing data with the CRM system improves efficiency. Salesforce CPQ's automation features save time wasted on repeated manual actions. All these features boost sales productivity, ensuring quicker ROI.

Benefits of CPQ

The following are some proven benefits of implementing Salesforce CPQ in your system.

1. Improved Quote Accuracy

A quote may need to be revised several times due to changes in different factors. For example, if a resource's planned time working on-site is changed. CPQ monitors the cost per planned resource for a project and automates the process of factoring in pricing changes so that all of these updates are calculated automatically. Each update made in CPQ can be set up to trigger an approval request automatically.

2. Reduce Data Mismatch Between Quotes and Projects

When sales data is kept in a separate system that isn't always integrated with the project management system, many issues can arise from discrepancies between the mentioned data and the data intended for the project. Data mismatches for activity time, resource responsibilities, rates, and other factors can be eliminated when CPQ and other projects are integrated.

3. Streamline Quote Revisions

Once a project has commenced, receiving a change request or contract amendment is common. To accommodate the needs of any revisions to an existing project, CPQ has a Quotation revision process that can be used to manage change requests during the quote process.

4. Focus More on Sales

Using Salesforce CPQ software in your organization makes quote generation simple and time-saving. As it is a simple application, it requires virtually no learning time. With this saved time, the sales team can focus more on monitoring leads and improving customer relationships.

5. Reduced Sales Cycles

Our CPQ implementation will help you use the built-in quote automation capabilities of the Salesforce CPQ solution to configure complex product bundles and simplify your sales cycle. We equip your sales team by creating customized sales quotes in a few clicks. As the quoting process becomes much faster, you can meet the client's requirements on time.

6. Guided Selling

The Salesforce CPQ Guided Selling implementation helps users quickly sort through an extensive product catalog to find what they’re looking for. It provides a list of targeted questions that help the users navigate through the product catalog. Once the users answer the questions, it presents all the products that match their criteria.

7. Increased Revenue

It is proven using the Salesforce CPQ Billing application increases sales deals and revenue. Financially effective and feasible quotes can be generated quickly by checking the sales pipeline and analyzing the deal's profitability. Sales revenue can be streamlined, and it gives a clear picture of the organization's financial condition by monitoring funds, assessing tax liabilities, and determining budgets.

8. E-Signature for Proposals and Contracts

Salesforce CPQ Implementation Services simplifies the creation of professional, branded proposals for your products. It provides customizable templates to match a company's branding standards. Proposals and contracts can be generated through the software, which facilitates integration with your selected e-signature application. This tool guarantees legal validity and protection in transboundary settings of an electronic transaction.


The Salesforce CPQ and Billing software are designed to streamline the entire process from start to finish, improving sales efficiency and generating more revenue.

Salesforce Consulting Partners are dedicated to client success and help organizations implement and adopt the best in-cloud technology to tackle their toughest challenges. They assist in transforming business practices using Salesforce solutions. Surprise your sales team by providing them with the best-chosen CPQ solution and boost their performance.

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