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With changing needs, organizational restructuring, and business volatility - frequent releases have become a norm. Businesses do not have the luxury of waiting for months of development to evaluate the performance of an application. Outsystems is one such platform that helps to deliver applications faster. With Outsystems, Rapid Application Development has become possible.  Rapid Application Development refers to the process of generating application codes in a significantly less amount of time and with fewer complications leading to an improved turnaround and faster time to market for new applications and enhancements.

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Minuscule and Outsystems

Minuscule Technologies specializes in the provisioning of OutSystems Platforms. Following are a few reasons why our clients are so inclined to work with us and improve their OutSystems functioning

  • Agility And Scalability

    The adoption of a flexible approach ensures that the scale of operation develops dynamism in the process. The OutSystems Platform brings about an agile approach to working and thus improves the productivity of operations through better management.

  • Rapid Development

    Our super experienced tech team can quickly develop OutSystems infrastructure and ready-to-use applications and helps in bringing down the development cost for the organization.

  • User Experience

    Our OutSystems experienced team develops applications with top-notch user experience and provides 24x7 consultancy services to improve the work experience. Reducing grievances and addressing customer demands are our prime objectives.

  • Easy Integration

    Our simplistic model ensures that OutSystems resources ensure easier integration between software applications and cloud computing software used by the company.

  • Built-In Security

    The security layer and network offer added protection to the functioning of the OutSystems. The safety structure helps in the proper functioning
    ‍of the system.

Our OutSystems Offerings

OutSystems Platform Assessment

Through the existing structures in place, we aim to make your operational platform more dynamic with the deployment, and assessment of resources and components and ensure improved efficiency in the overall process.


OutSystems Design and Architecture

Our OutSystems tech architects can structure, layout, and design in integrating resources and bringing about a perfect harmony between the components invested in the processes and the productivity of the applications.


OutSystems Consulting and Project Planning

OutSystems Structure and Implementation Projects must be planned, coordinated, and promoted in a viable manner. Project Planning helps in reducing the gap between the deviation obtained through the implemented plan and the standards of the process that should be aimed to achieve.


OutSystems Development Services

The processes involved with OutSystems should be to ensure the development and growth of the systems to make them more dynamic increasing the time to market and reducing the developmental costs.


OutSystems Integration

With Internet servers like MySQL, Microsoft SharePoint, and Oracle we aim to infuse productivity in the implementation of OutSystems. An integrated approach to the components of OutSystems ensures better and more optimized results.


OutSystems Upgrade/ Migration

Change management is a challenge for any organization. That applies to migration as well. Our expert Outsystems team can help your organization make the transitions from existing systems to Outsystems in a seamless way.


OutSystems Maintenance & Support

Regular update of OutSystems resources ensures the process keeps pace with the ever-changing and dynamic business environment.


OutSystems Professional Services

To improve customer experience, we deploy professional services like project managers and personnel portfolios. Our experience in handling functioning operations of enterprise clients gives us an edge over others when it comes to servicing an organization’s growing needs for faster development of applications.


OutSystems Web & Mobile App Development

We have a strong consultancy operation for web and mobile application development like iOS, Android, and Windows. 


UpServing Customers

We take pride in quality work.

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