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Customized QA Automation Strategy

Each organization is unique and with it comes unique operational issues that need tailor-made solutions. Minuscule Technologies does just that. Our certified team audits the operational capacity of the testing tools to give you customized solutions that bring down the operational costs drastically.

Minuscule is adept at providing high-quality testing services by making the entire SDLC process seamless and smooth. We are experts in handling testing from strategy definition and execution to management, defect tracking, reporting, and optimization.

Our team of experts can also build your CI/CD pipeline to include the testing processes and minimize human intervention, and thereby human errors, in the development and release cycle. This increases the turnaround time for new features and enhancements, faster feedback gathering from the end-users, improved time to market, and better- quality deliverables in the long run.

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Tosca Certified Technical Partner | Quality Assurance

Test Automation Benefits

Our TOSCA certified team supports your business objectives by designing an automation strategy that is aligned with your enterprise goals. We carry out a detailed evaluation exercise and recommend an optimized tool inventory to suit your needs and budget.

  • Reduced Operational Cost

    Through our automation testing mechanism, excessive operational costs incurred in the systems is reduced by 40%

  • Improved Time to Market

    Changing needs, organizational restructuring, business volatility - frequent releases have become a norm. With our exceptional automation testing services, release cycles can be reduced from months to days.

  • Enhanced And Improved Testing Standards

    High-quality testing standards help in attaining better and more efficient outcomes while integrating software resources

  • Efficient Utilization of Resources

    Wastage is minimal leading to the reduction in operational cost and the development of a rational approach to application testing.

  • Efficient Utilization of Resources

    With a rigorous testing process, results can be obtained quickly, and evaluations can be made more easily.

Our QA Automation Services

Mobile Application Testing

Given the current technological advancements made, it is no surprise that so much of our everyday lives are spent on mobiles, making mobile testing a necessity. Our strategy helps in resolving the testing crisis for mobile applications. We are well versed in testing the existing mobile OS – Android, Windows, and iOS.


Performance Testing

The performance testing parameters of a system help in indicating whether a particular application can further be utilized for more complicated processes. The results obtained through the performance analysis help in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s structure.


Security Testing

Security concerns are real for any digitally present organization. Any new enhancements released carry with them the risk of a security attack making security testing, invariably the most important part of the quality processes.


Web Application Testing

Our web application testing mechanisms help in identifying the usage of web servers, optimization of the systems, and attaining the highest quality of performance. Safety and security standards of the system are also tested to avoid system compromise in the future.


Testing using TOSCA

The Next Generation Application Testing Software called TOSCA brings about uniformity in operations and establishes safety standards for the smooth quality operations.


Independent Functional Testing

Functional Testing is performed to ensure that the operating environment of the testing mechanisms and software infrastructure is balanced.


Testing Cloud Software

Given that organizations are going for digital transformation, testing the Cloud Computing Software acutely is very essential since it is the prime form of communication medium in an official environment.


Other Testing services

  • Testing Using Selenium, Cypress.Io & Other Open-Source Tools
  • CI/CD Integrations with Azure Pipeline, Jenkins, Bamboo, And So On
  • Testing In Cloud Using Lambdatesting, Saucelabs, Browserstack

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