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Integrate Yardi, an industry-leading software that specializes in property management and accounting solutions for the real estate industry, and Salesforce, a robust customer relationships management platform that pours tons of benefits into any kind of business process.

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Why is it Necessary to Integrate Yardi with Salesforce CRM?

Yardi and Salesforce integration makes data management easier by creating a smooth flow of information between the two systems. This integrative solution is ideal for data synchronization related to properties, leases, tenants, financials, and more. With this integration in place, manual data entry is no longer needed, allowing data consistency across Yardi and Salesforce. It provides up-to-date real-time access to key information such as property portfolios, tenant interactions, and financials - all secured within the Salesforce interface.
Yardi property management software and the Salesforce CRM platform are powerful tools when used in tandem. Integrating these two systems provides a holistic view of customer data, bridging the gap between customer relationship management and property management teams. Real-time access to property data enables sales teams to easily identify available properties that match client needs and provide accurate, up-to-date information. This integration allows for an efficient transition from a sales lead in Salesforce to a client in Yardi.
Integrating Yardi and Salesforce helps maximize reporting capabilities by unifying data from both systems. Reports, dashboards, and other customizable metrics become available so that property performance, tenant interactions, sales pipeline, and customer engagement can be monitored in one place. This integration enables users to draw meaningful insights and make informed decisions about their business operations.
By integrating Yardi and Salesforce, businesses can make their operations more efficient by improving the flow of data. This integration ensures teams have access to accurate information in real time rather than relying on manual entry or worrying about duplication. Property management teams can take advantage of Yardi’s property management capabilities while sales teams benefit from the lead management and customer interaction features that Salesforce offers.
Real estate organizations can streamline their sales and leasing processes by integrating Yardi with Salesforce CRM. Property listings, vacancies, and pricing information from Yardi can be seamlessly synchronized with Salesforce CRM, enabling sales teams to access up-to-date property data. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the chances of errors, leading to increased operational efficiency and faster sales cycles.

Handle the Full Lease and Property Management Lifecycle

Unify Yardi and Salesforce and witness the improved operational efficiency and productivity in all your sales processes. Handle the full lifecycle of the lease and manage your property in one place with this integration. Also gain a 360-degree view of everything - your property, prospects, tenants, and more in one place.

Get rid of manual data entry and switch to a more robust platform that has a user-friendly interface. Perform calculations, analysis, and reports on several key performance metrics, such as leasing agent response time, occupancy and revenue for investments, retention rates, etc.

Process Involved in Integrating Yardi and Salesforce CRM

Benefits of Yardi Salesforce Integration

Gain a 360-Degree View

Integrating Yardi and Salesforce provides a 360-degree view of your customers, prospects, and current portfolio. This allows you to track and manage your properties, people, and performance data in one place.

Improved Efficiency

Integrating the two systems enables efficient automation of manual tasks related to property management. Not only does this promote savings in terms of time and money, but it also increases accuracy for all parties involved.

Improved Visibility

Yardi and Salesforce integration consolidates business data in a way that facilitates better decision-making, leading to improved customer service. Its unified view of the data manifests itself in its powerful analytics insights – all designed to help your organization unlock more value from every transaction, support case, and lead.

Increased Productivity

Yardi and Salesforce are key players in automation processes. The integration of these tools can help you optimize your workflow, freeing up valuable time to focus on more vital tasks. It leads to improved productivity levels and streamlined processes.

Improved Security

The Yardi and Salesforce integration provides improved data security by incorporating Salesforce's multiple security features. These ensure that your valuable data is protected from any malicious attempts to access it without authorization.

Improved Compliance

Integrating Yardi and Salesforce can improve compliance by providing a more complete and accurate picture of a company's financials. This can help managers spot trends and issues sooner, and make better decisions about how to allocate resources. Additionally, it can help auditors and other financial regulators to understand a company's financial health more easily.

Why Choose Minuscule Technologies as Your Yardi and Salesforce Integration Partner

Over the past decade, we have gained extensive experience utilizing Yardi Core and Yardi Elevate. Our expertise includes successfully implementing real-time integrations between Yardi and a range of financial accounting, reporting systems, as well as other Enterprise applications such as Leasing and REIT business systems. As a result of these integrations, we have significantly reduced manual work by an impressive 95%, leading to substantial time savings and eliminating the occurrence of errors.

Minuscule's Real Estate Domain Expertise

CRM customization and continuous improvement of the Sales processes.

Exceptional system and functional knowledge of REIT and Capital Markets.

Extensively worked on standard real estate and custom proprietary metrics.

Skilled in Forecasting and Market data.

Experienced in Yardi Core, and Yardi Elevate; Lease Analysis and Approval, Capital Deployment.

Forecast for Revenue with the following - Leasing / Market Profile/ Market Unit Rates / Area.

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