DevOps Services and Solutions

Manage Your IT Infrastructure with our top-notch Cloud Consulting and Services.

DevOps Services and Solutions

Cloud Computing Consulting Services

Since the start of cloud technology, we have been at the forefront as a consulting services company to provide authentic improvements to an organization's cloud infrastructure. We have immense experience in the field of operational development and the software infrastructure of application deployment. We create software integrated systems to incorporate the principles of application development.

Our professional team of Cloud Computing Experts with knowledge in the field of Infrastructure Technology (IT) supports an organization's framework to analyze data consumption patterns and provide valuable feedback as improvements on the usage of the systems.

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DevOps Consulting Company

Minuscule and Cloud Transformation

Our Cloud Computing Services encompasses different aspects of infrastructural growth and development. Deployment of computing software infrastructure helps in bringing about informational rendering in the process of computing operation. We provide various types of cloud computing software like public, private and hybrid infrastructure. With certified professionals and experience of over 10 years in the Infrastructure Technology Business, our corporate entity has performed exceedingly well in creating provisions for AWS and Disaster Management Recovery Services.

  • 10+ Years in IT

    Decade long experience in Cloud, IoT, big data, data science, collaboration solutions, and mobile app development

  • Public, Private &
    Hybrid Cloud

    We support services for public cloud that are shared with other organizations as well as private cloud frameworks dedicated to a particular organization. We also support hybrid infrastructure where organizations can share the space with other organizations depending on the business. criticality and security norms.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Our strategic expertise in implementing cloud disaster recovery management enables businesses to recover data and implement backup plans through e-records in a cloud environment.

  • Certified Professionals on

    Our outstanding cloud resources have delivered several advanced implementations with our 24/7 support for global clients.

  • Certified AWS Developers

    Certified team having extensive industry experience incommercial real estate, manufacturing, retail, professional services, healthcare, banking, telecoms, etc.

Our Cloud Services

Cloud Strategy Services

Our team of cloud experts can help in devising assessment techniques, analysis patterns, and understanding the difference between standards of operation and work productivity as part of Cloud Strategy services helping organizations figure out the role and importance of cloud infrastructure and the value add.


Application Development Services

Leave your worries about developing application software to track the performance of the client computing procedures. We help organizations adopt cloud change management to bring about organizational growth and development.


Cloud Migration Services

We capitalize on the outputs from SWOT and Cloud Efficacy Techniques through proper analysis of the work environment and support the organization’s migration efforts and services and bring about enhanced productivity in the process.


Disaster Recovery Management Services

Having a weak infrastructure and processes can lead to disastrous outcomes for any organization. Recovering the systems to the last working point can become a major pain point if the framework is not set properly leading to unhappy customers. In this capacity, we perform functions related to the recovery of important resources lost through data redundancy and employ techniques to mitigate disaster and recover the resources lost in the process.


Monitoring Services

Cloud Computing Services help in monitoring the activities of an enterprise and bring about improvement in the resource alleviation processes. Monitoring also ensures proper guidance compliance with the existing norms and fewer issues later in the future.


Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure for an organization is the base on which the application processes are built making it the most important part of the budget. We assist companies in creating a base for software development processes and our services include a wide variety of software as well as physical software support.


Cloud Modernization Services

The constant emergence of updates and innovations in the Cloud Services Platform makes the Cloud Computing Services platform dynamic needing constant babysitting that is essential for dealing with problems related to comprehending organizational problems. Minuscule Technologies provide a coordinated approach in this regard for the best outcome.


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