March 15, 2022
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March 15, 2022

Must-Have Salesforce Features to Enhance User Productivity and Adoption

Must-Have Salesforce Features to Enhance User Productivity and Adoption

Handling businesses today is quite challenging, and as the business grows,  they are force-driven to use a unique platform to maintain all its increased customer data. They need an application not only to manage customer relationships but also to connect customers with businesses. Salesforce, in recent years, has been the best CRM platform, and it has become exclusive as it is ever-evolving. With Salesforce, companies can quickly and easily access web-based technologies online. Salesforce has developed new features to improve productivity for users. However, only cloud-specific capabilities can use certain Salesforce features. As a result, some Salesforce Application Development organizations have begun focusing on marketing automation to reach their sales goals.

Many features are added to overcome low team productivity to increase user efficiency and adoption. At the same time, we should choose innovative features of Salesforce to resolve the issues faced by the users. In this blog post, you will learn about the areas that are supposed to be hindrances in achieving productivity and the exclusive Salesforce features that enhance User Productivity and Adoption.

Reasons for low productivity

There could be many reasons why your organization faces lower productivity. You should be aware of the loopholes in your organization. Some of the common areas that affect productivity are as follows:

  1. Poor customer experiences in accessing information and reduced performance levels in web portals.
  2. Data protection is lessened, and there is a higher risk of unauthorized login access and phishing attacks.
  3. Prolonged processing time to close cases as most of the workflow involves human access.
  4. Lack of automation features in sales and marketing systems.
  5. Lack of recognition for employee efforts and inefficient scheduling of tasks among employees.
  6. Lack of analyzing the shortcomings in the workflow.

Selective Salesforce features that you must have for your business

1. Macros

Pre-built macros can be used to increase the efficiency of tasks. For such tasks requiring the users to do repeated actions to complete them, the Macros feature in Salesforce can be of great help. You can select a pre-built macro to allow your users to complete a task simply instead of doing a series of activities. Automating the clicks for account management and opportunity-building allows for creating macros to manage your sales. With Salesforce macros, you can complete time-consuming tasks like choosing email templates, sending emails to clients, updating case statuses, and more with just one click. This Salesforce feature uses guidelines that direct your system to complete a task. A macro can be the key to saving time and increasing productivity.

2. Quick Text

You can draft canned messages or predetermined responses using Quick Text to replace repetitive content. Initially, it was introduced by Salesforce in Service Cloud to focus on improving Customer Service Agent productivity. Later it was integrated with Sales Cloud as well.

Predefined message templates reduce the time needed to complete a task and improve productivity significantly. This feature allows users to select a predefined canned message to complete a record. The Lightning Platform allows this by default and is just one of the many features offered by Salesforce.

3. Notification Builder

Initially, creating custom notifications was an arduous task in Salesforce and demanded apex triggers. But currently, Salesforce has empowered its admins to make their own push notifications. Salesforce’s Process Builder and Notification Types achieve this. With Process Builder, you can decide under which conditions notifications should be triggered, and with Notification Types, notifications can be viewed on any device. This advanced feature allows you to build a more intuitive notification experience for your users by incorporating notifications into existing automation rules.

The notification will show in the notification section of the desktop, including the title and body you provided. Clicking on the message will take you to the record that set off the notification.

4. In-App Guidance

This feature is designed to help System Administrators deliver prompts and notifications to users as they see fit. With this feature, you can create customized notifications and even attach a link to them. Once the user receives the notification, they can dismiss it or interact with the pop-up notification window. If you want to schedule your notifications, you can set them to reappear regularly.

The In-App Guidance feature provides two prompt templates - Floating and Docker. The Floating Prompt enables you to customize the messages, while the Docked Prompt provides an extended area that can shorten the message.

5. Custom Help Menu

Enterprises and Salesforce Administrators once looked for suitable Salesforce developmental tools to customize the help menu. But now, with the help of Lightning upgrade, system admins can easily incorporate navigational materials and customize the help menu.

Users can now easily personalize the help menu by making content specific to their businesses. To ensure that the content is appealing to users, the Salesforce admin team needs to ensure that it is kept up to date.

6. Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms is one of the best features recently added to Salesforce. It enhances Salesforce admins’ efficiency to provide a great customer experience. It uses Lightning app builder to give a better user experience and saves admins’ time by reducing the number of page layouts; This facilitates end users to quickly access any information by decluttering unnecessary fields and data.

7. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Using this feature ensures your Salesforce platform and your customer data are secure. You can easily and effectively protect your Salesforce data by adding a layer of protection to your log-in process and preventing unauthorized access to customer data.

8. Service Set-up Assistant

With this feature, your Salesforce admins and service agents can significantly minimize their work and invest them in more productive ways. This innovative feature simplifies the complex process involved in any configuration. With fewer clicks of buttons, the workflows can be taken care of completely; This enhances your service agents’ capabilities with more productive tools and the best practices of Salesforce. They are enabled to close cases and service requests efficiently and effortlessly.


Salesforce has numerous features that boost productivity and enhance user adoption. Whereas the above listed are some of the effective and easier-to-implement features in your organization, with a bit of change in your setup, you can upgrade yourselves and improve customer relationships. When the Salesforce features are used to their full potential, increased user productivity and adoption are guaranteed, paving the way to reach your business goals quickly.

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