March 15, 2022
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March 15, 2022

How Will You Know If Your Commercial Leases are Competitively Priced and Profitable?

How Will You Know If Your Commercial Leases are Competitively Priced and Profitable?

While renting out commercial spaces, it is always a critical challenge in pricing the lease.

For instance, how does a leasing company find the

  1. Monthly or quarterly lease amount for new leases and renewals of existing leases
  2. Number of rent-free months that the property owner can give without taking a hit on the profitability
  3. Commissions to the brokers or any other third party.

An easier-to-understand example would be when someone is trying to lease a warehouse in any location. The property owner/lessor quotes a price based on their experience. In contrast, the market lease rate in which the warehouse is located would probably be higher or lower.

Using Yardi Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting system that compares the owner’s budget data and the market’s prevailing rates [Yardi Market Leasing Assumptions] provides insights that help in arriving at optimum Lease rates. The existing leasing system can pull this data, compare, validate, and generate KPIs – Net Effective Rent, Total Turnover Costs, Total Commissions, Total Tenant Improvements, etc., for the user to make an informed decision. Minuscule Technologies has exhaustive exposure in the leasing domain and works with the global top 100 US-based leaders. Tech skills include Salesforce, Open-Source tech stack, and Yardi systems.

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