March 15, 2022
CI/CD Implementation
March 15, 2022

Data Integrity Crisis in Your Organization?

Data Integrity Crisis in Your Organization?

Running Quality Assurance In Enterprises Is Not Easy. For Example,

  1. Multiple data storage systems – Oracle, Denodo, Amazon S3, Snowflakes, etc.
  2. Multiple user interfaces and portals – Salesforce, DocuSign, Sharepoint Online
  3. Data migrations, storage, and visualization in various systems
  4. Manual comparison of the data between databases

These are just few examples of data-related issues

What Is The Business Impact:

Maintaining integrity becomes a challenge during data’s journey and validation processes leading to inaccurate data finding its way into the databases and data lakes. Such erroneous data eventually appears in critical dashboards in Tableau or PowerBI – vital reports that help top management make crucial business decisions.

Our Solution Using TOSCA And TOSCA DI:

Automation testers share a repository to store the test scripts and run them across the TOSCA distribution agent pool on one of the below tasks based on the requirements.

  1. Table/Row/Granular data level validation
  2. Reconciliation of data between data sources
  3. End to end, user interface testing
  4. SOAP/REST API level validations

Once the executions are complete, the test results are stored on the TOSCA server, notifications are sent to the stakeholders via MS Teams/Slack, and test execution status is updated in JIRA/Rally.

Looks easy, right! But it isn’t!

Outcome And Benefits:

  1. 100% verified data integrity between source and target
  2. Reduction of manual verification by 80%
  3. Reduced human errors to Zero
  4. Supports multiple systems and databases of varying configurations
  5. 100% decision grade data for top management
  6. Persistent data sanctity between source, data warehouse, dashboards, and decision making

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Is it possible to automate the CI/CD process and Quality assurance while preserving Data Integrity? Yes. Keep an eye out for our next blog on the integration of TOSCA with DevOps.

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