Case Study

Streamlining Lead Management for an Online Medication Management and Pharmacy Solution

In the rapidly evolving online pharmacy space, proficient customer data management can significantly enhance operational efficiencies. Our client, an emerging online medication management and pharmacy solution,  recognized the need to develop a customized account system to efficiently manage all their leads, fostering a more organized and efficient customer relationship management framework.

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Challenges Addressed When Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

The Challenge

The task at hand was steeped in challenges, primarily arising from the existing disorder in the lead data. Fetching correct and consistent lead details became an uphill battle due to frequent data mismatches and incomplete field entries. The resultant confusion was impeding their growth and client relationships. A streamlined solution was sought, wherein a customized account could intuitively gather all pertinent information without the hindrances posed by the existing system.

Our Breakthrough

With Minuscule Technologies' forward-thinking approach, our tech team embarked on a mission to rejuvenate the client's organizational structure. Using Salesforce's Lightning Web Component and Apex Class became pivotal in this transformation.

The team developed an accounting system where the entry of essential fields was mandated before an account could be saved. This move aimed to eliminate inconsistencies and foster data accuracy. To further ensure the completeness of data, we instituted a notification system that would persistently remind users to fill in any omitted fields, thus warding off any potential gaps in data collection.

This approach rectified the existing issues and imbued the system with a user-friendly interface that made data entry more intuitive and less prone to errors.

Breakthrough | Salesforce Migration
Benefits of Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning


Post-implementation of the revamped system, the client experienced a remarkable enhancement in data accuracy, paving the way for a host of benefits, including:

Accurate End-to-End Customer Data: With mandatory fields in place, customer data collection became a more streamlined and error-free process, facilitating end-to-end accuracy in data compilation.

Efficient Lead Tracking and Conversion: The new system fostered an environment where leads could be tracked with greater efficiency and seamlessly converted to opportunities, enhancing the productivity of the sales funnel.

The bespoke solution crafted by our tech team resolved the existing challenges. It established a robust foundation for accurate and efficient lead management, signaling a future of enhanced productivity and customer relationship management for our clients.

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