Case Study

Seamless Integration of HubSpot CRM with Salesforce CRM

In the highly competitive landscape of the online pharmacy market, having a well-integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system isn't just an asset but a necessity. Understanding this, our client, a growing online medication management and pharmacy solution, decided to combine the features of HubSpot CRM with Salesforce CRM. Their goal was to create a single, more efficient, and effective solution for managing customer relationships.

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Challenges Addressed When Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

The Challenge

The core challenge of this initiative was to carefully move all the customer information stored in HubSpot to Salesforce while also integrating data from various enterprise systems, many of which lacked a standardized lead-generation process. In these systems, leads were often manually entered, making the process difficult and cumbersome. This task was complex because it involved transferring a large amount of data and ensuring that it remained intact and usable after the transfer. The ultimate goal was to achieve a smooth data migration process that would facilitate better customer relationships and more efficient operations.

Our Breakthrough

Facing the significant challenge head-on, our skilled tech team utilized the Salesforce Connected App and the HubSpot connector tool to begin a straightforward, no-code integration of the extensive customer data.

The strategy was implemented step-by-step. Initially, we avoided complex coding to guarantee a smooth and mistake-free transition. Later, we used the abilities of Apex Triggers and Flows to craft a personalized lead conversion process. This ensured the precise transfer of data and turned basic data points into potential leads, creating a rich base for developing opportunities.

Through careful planning and a staged approach, the team created a system that did more than just merge the data; it improved it to foster future interactions and business conversions, changing a potential problem into a beneficial solution.

Breakthrough | Salesforce Migration
Benefits of Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning


Our client witnessed an immediate transformation in their operational dynamics post-integration. The newfound synergy between HubSpot and Salesforce CRM empowered them with the following:

1. Centralized Data Access: A unified repository in Salesforce CRM housed all the customer data previously dispersed in HubSpot, thus enabling centralized access to vital customer information.

2. Efficient Lead Identification and Conversion: Armed with a well-crafted lead conversion process, identifying and converting leads into opportunities became streamlined and efficient.

3. Enhanced Opportunities for Engagement: With the customer data now housed in a structured manner, the client could leverage this data to create more targeted and personalized engagement strategies, enhancing customer engagement and retention opportunities.

This process not only marked the successful integration of two potent CRM tools but signaled the onset of a more organized, data-driven, and opportunity-centric approach to customer relationship management for our client.

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