Automation of Document Generation using Docusign-Salesforce Integration

Documentation with a growing customer base is challenging and needs a system that unites for optimum results in data query along with performance.

One of our clients was using Salesforce Sales Cloud to support their business activities and SharePoint Online for storing, managing, and sharing their sales documents- including contracts, orders, and proposals.

Challenges Faced

The Challenge

As the new businesses came in, the workload increased. Our client dealt with a high volume of partner, supplier, and provider contracts and needed a streamlined, tangible process for managing documents, getting approvals through internal management, and storing them securely. The client's legal team found itself challenged with manual processes that created multiple versions of documentation, inconsistencies, and a higher risk of error. The follow-up steps for a legal document were not automated leaving no guardrails to ensure that a document was sent to the appropriate approvers or signatories with consistent and accurate details for the next step.

Our Breakthrough

Minuscule's core team suggested integrating the DocuSign tool with Salesforce using SpringCM for the opportunity data. This integration allowed us to generate documents in 15 different languages making it an incredibly valuable solution. The complex workflow also helped to meet the needs of the global audience. Since our client uses SharePoint Online for storing, managing, and sharing their sales documents- including contracts, orders, and proposals, so we integrated the SpringCM generated documents with the SharePoint Central Repository system. Spring CMAPIs were seamlessly integrated with the Azure functions to push the documents to the appropriate path facilitating the legal team to refer the documents in one single place.

Breakthrough Incorporated with Salesforce Integration
Benefits of Salesforce Integration with DocSign


  • To ensure data integrity, Minuscule created multiple templates utilizing SpringCM’s documentation tools to ease the pressure on manual entries.
  • By reducing the risk of error and creating continuity in the client's documentation process, the legal team was provided with a manageable workflow and integration.
  • The Salesforce and DocuSign integration reduces the manual data entry efforts making the whole process dynamic while also supporting multiple languages at the same time hence catering to a global audience.
  • Overall, the client’s documentation creation, tracking, and approval processes are now automated and efficient, allowing the client to save time and focus on the work-at-hand

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