Lightning Web Component Development

Evolving web standards are constantly improving how browsers can be presented to users. In2015, Salesforce introduced Lightning web components which use core web components and provides only the necessary functionalities to perform well in browsers supported by Salesforce. Lightning web components are lightweight and deliver exceptional performance. Salesforce introduced Visualforce (VF), for building sophisticated custom user interfaces on the Lightning platform.

Challenges Faced

The Challenge

VF page-based custom applications have several limitations in adapting to new features and upgrades delivered by Salesforce. Since the introduction of VF, even though user adoption has increased, there has been a gradual decrease in performance levels. With customers demanding high-performing applications with the increase in the number of fields, extensive calculations, and quicker turnaround time even with SPA frameworks developed within the Salesforce Governor limits, the performance was not up to mark.

Our clients wanted to improve the performance of the application with better UX to suit the lightning experience.

Our Breakthrough

We capitalized on Salesforce’s programming models for building lightning components - Aura and Lightning Web Components (LWC) that can be merged into a single page providing more options for quicker development and delivery of custom apps on the Salesforce Lightning platform.

Using Experienced Page Time (EPT)as a performance metric to measure the amount of time taken to load and display the entire content of a webpage, we worked on a solution to drastically improve performance. Minuscule’s development team created a framework using LWC where fields displayed on the screen are configurable. All the UI configurations were maintained as metadata to reduce development effort drastically. We also developed more reusable components in LWC for use across Salesforce for several other applications as LWC can be embedded into Aura Lightning and VF pages. Compared to Dynamic Forms, our framework approach enables the control of fields with more filters.

Breakthrough | Lightning Web Component Development Services
Benefits of Lightning Web Component Development Services


  1. With configurable UI, the turnaround time for development has been reduced significantly.
  2. The solution has proved to be cost-effective and saves up to 12 hours.
  3. Performance of the application has increased phenomenal. A landing page that initially took 14.7s before migration to LWC, now only takes 4.3s.
  4. The solution also offers a development experience far more aligned with current web front-end development standards and patterns.
  5. The performance gains are significantly better with measurements showing gains in the range of 10% to 70%.

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