Leveraging technology to ease operational inefficiencies

For industries like commercial real estate, a significant chunk of the revenue comes from brokers and other third-party associates. Since it is not possible to give the brokers and contractors –access to the main applications for security reasons, the business is usually carried out through emails and excel sheets.

Challenged Faced

The Challenge

For our client, the leasing officers used to create opportunities and send the relevant information via excel sheet to the third party associated for filling the counter information. Once the brokers have completed the excel sheet, the officers on-premises will then update the sales systems with the appropriate details making this process time-consuming and error-prone.

Our Breakthrough

Our novel solution included developing a solution where a link with adequate details will be shared via email to the third party. Third parties will be able to view the URL and provide all their inputs. Once they submit details, data will be stored directly in the critical applications and a relevant opportunity was created. Officers received a link to the newly created opportunity and were able to view the information provided. Any feedback from the officers was then sent right from the system to the third-party associates making the whole process seamless and error-free.

Breakthrough Experienced by Deploying CI CD Implementations
Benefits of Deploying CI CD Implementation


  1. With the removal of the manual middle system, the chances of errors are reduced.
  2. Turnaround is quicker and request for approvals from leadership is done within a day that would otherwise take 3 to 4 days
  3. Receiving mails from the third-party associates, and use of excel discarded making communications unerring
  4. Faster lead time from code to production release

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