Critical Data Updates

With the continuous changes in the business needs, new enhancements and developments are common. The new enhancements need to make sure that any existing data is compliant with the new changes and hence can live in harmony with new data.

Challenges Faced with Data Handling

The Challenge

Whenever a new field or functionality was introduced in the system, it was not immediately available for historical opportunities/deals which could be as old as 5 years. But these new functionalities were important for arriving at the correct metrics. We realized that using one-time scripts to update critical new data for historical deals would not work as the impact of such a change could have repercussions in other places. The other suggested approach was to hire additional resources to enter the data manually for the historical opportunities. Hiring part-time resources for entering data, was an additional cost not to mention the window of error that comes with any manual intervention proving this approach to be expensive.

Our Breakthrough

Since we have been with the client as a strategic partner and understand their business well, we suggested writing an automation script on Selenium.

The automation script could be installed on any desktop/ laptop that had the Java VM. The feature would pick up opportunities either from a manually created excel or from a query result .The script was customized, and users could run specific commands to save specific calculations if required. When this script was run, it would pick up opportunities and save them. Any errors during the process would be captured and recorded in an excel sheet. These error records would later be either modified or manually updated.

Breakthrough - Critical Data Updates
Benefits of Critical Data Updates


  1. Labor costs were saved since the automation made additional human resources redundant.
  2. Historical data was updated automatically, and the metrics generated were much more meaningful.
  3. Whenever any new functionality is to be added and the historical records need an update, the same script can be run.
  4. Development costs of script upgrades were reduced to Zero since the same script could be used for any new functionality.
  5. Faster lead time from code to production release

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