Continuous Delivery for Salesforce Applications

Implementing in-house DevOps tools that fulfill all the needs of a typical Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) process helps manage different applications on and reduces the cost of relying on other licensed tools.

Challenges Faced with Multiple Applications

The Challenge

One of our client had multiple applications running on Salesforce with frequent releases and business changes. They needed high availability to be maintained at 100% since the applications were used by global users.

Our Breakthrough

We used CI and CD with the help of GitHub and Azure pipeline respectively. Unlike other open-source projects, deployment in needed customized scripts to deploy the build in corresponding environments. So, we used ANT Migration Tool as a catalyst. The shell script, a driver executed with the bash command, prepared the deployable package. Each project code was managed using the Git Flow process and was based on current deliverables.

There was a lot of automation implemented with several integrations between systems. Jira and Git integration facilitated the auto-creation of feature branches. Azure DevOps and GitHub integration triggered the build for the Commit/Pull request in the pipeline. Then, the Azure Teams integration notified the process for further deployments and sent notifications about errors. We also implemented Continuous testing with Selenium Automation Scripts to ensure the stability of the code.

Breakthrough with CI CD
Benefits of CI CD Process


  1. Accelerated Deployment time to 10 mins from 1 hour
  2. Automated code push to multiple environments reducing human intervention
  3. Reduced manual errors in deployment
  4. Stable application with ZERO downtime
  5. Frequent and ad-hoc deployments, release cycle reduced from months to days
  6. Faster lead time from code to production
  7. Opensource tools hence cost savings of around 100K/year realized
  8. Faster lead time from code to production release

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