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It is an undeniable fact that today mobile apps have entered all industries, regardless of the audience, service or industry. The advantage of mobility and accessibility has offered both businesses and clients a seamless route to interact, sustain the communication, and build communities.

Challenges Faced by Leasing Officers

The Challenge

The Leasing officers of the properties faced a potential problem in doing paperwork on the field -which includes data about the characteristics of the property, maintaining the customer detail of both potential and prospect customers that were often compiled in an ad hoc manner. This created a great deal of inconsistency for the users and team, creating a communication gap, and turning the entire engagement error-prone as the users fed relevant data arbitrarily based on the details that they scribbled while showing a property to a prospect. Once the data is fed into the system, the data was disconnected, and the organization couldn't rely on one single system.

Our customer wanted us to come up with a solution to solve the data inconsistency in the application and to avoid the double work of on-site and off-site documentation.

Our Breakthrough

The solution we proposed included the ability of the field agents to have a mobile app and stay connected with the systems thus bridging the gap between on-site and field communications.

Our team decided to focus on main app features and on promising feature prototypes with innovative and smooth user-interface options. This allowed for separate demos, faster feedback, and an on-schedule launch.

To fill the lacuna of a simple mobile app, we built a custom mobile app with Lightning Components. Our team of Salesforce developers along with the mobile UI Designers were able to build the mobile application that sits comfortably within the mobile ecosystem. Intelligent mobile development like native and hybrid app development helped the team to go in depth with the concept and implementation of the Offline capability as well as the Push Notifications.



  1. Saved manual entry time for the field officers
  2. Eased the task of data input for the field officers
  3. Reduced the paperwork
  4. Enabled the field officers to focus on the property visits rather than data collection.
  5. Data consistency has been maintained which in turn converted the salesforce system to bethe absolute system of the truth for records.

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