March 15, 2022
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March 15, 2022

Salesforce CPQ – Configure Price Quote

Salesforce CPQ – Configure Price Quote
Has your team ever been in a situation where
  1. You have an exhaustive-list of products and service offerings with multiple possible combinations and configurations?
  2. Preparing the Quote is challenging, laborious, and error-prone
  3. The sales team often sends incorrect quotes and must go back and make corrections, much to the embarrassment of the company
  4. Invoicing is erroneous – example: invoice sent to customers who are inactive or unsubscribed to your services

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you MUST empower the team with Minuscule’s CPQ expertise.

The Salesforce CPQ platform helps companies with complex product catalogs, range pricing, system discounts, discount schedules, contract or OEM pricing, and pack/bundle pricing, making it difficult for a sales associate to manage all this information when preparing a quote. Such unique problems call for an efficient system that can keep track of all these data and, with logic and business rules in CPQ, allow the sales associate to save a tremendous amount of time by presenting the correct Quote the first time.

After completion, the Quote gets routed to approval and sent to the customer through a DocuSign integration. Once the customer accepts and signs the contract, products and subscriptions are activated. The whole process becomes one seamless activity from Quote to invoicing. With CPQ – Configure Price and Quote solutions, all this, and more, is possible. Minuscule Technologies has been working with a leading US healthcare client in supporting them in their pricing and invoicing modules, making the system work with efficiency and giving the sales and pricing teams great flexibility.

Does your team face similar challenges, or are you looking for a price quote system in the market? Connect with us to know more about our experience and fit with your company.

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