KPI Automation

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential quantifiable values that help a company with the practical and objective measurement of progress. In the field of Logistics Real Estate, KPIs are used at multiple levels for the valuation of proposals and other complex decision-making processes.

Challenge Faced with Complex Process

The Challenge

Our client, a global logistics real estate enterprise, calculated their most important KPI metrics using excel sheet and macros that included up to 24 worksheets, based on the type of analysis. The executives found this method inconvenient as it was laborious, prone to manual errors, and time-consuming, slowing down important decision-making processes. The executives needed a more efficient KPI determination system but were doubtful about automating such a complex process.

Our Breakthrough

The tech team at Minuscule implemented the KPI calculation by including the metrics and the calculation as part of the Salesforce CRM. With all the data and calculations available handy, the efficiency of management decisions improved significantly.

Breakthrough - KPI Automation
Benefits of KPI Automation


After the automation system went live, the client verified the accuracy of the calculations by comparing them with the excels. Now, their KPI determination is done completely using our automation system, saving them up to 24 hours.

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