Case Study

Streamlining Lead Management with QMS Salesforce Integration

In the dynamic sales and customer service environment, efficiently managing leads is paramount. Our client sought a robust system that could streamline the workflow of each Sales Consultant and ensure that every customer lead is attended to promptly, minimizing waiting times. The envisioned system would classify leads into different queues, each representing a distinct phase in the customer's journey, optimizing the response time and enhancing the customer experience.

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Challenges Addressed When Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

Our Breakthrough!

By leveraging its rich expertise, Minuscule Technologies stepped up to this challenge, working diligently to craft a solution tailored to the client's needs. The dedicated tech team deployed LWC, Apex class, and flow to create an interactive and easy-to-navigate system.

A vital addition was a new tab labeled "All Queue List," which became a central hub for managing various queues efficiently. Each queue contained pertinent details regarding the leads and their respective wait times, offering a visual representation and facilitating quick and informed decisions.

Custom buttons were introduced to view the stage history alongside multiple filter options, such as name and date sorting, in ascending and descending order. This feature was pivotal in simplifying the search process, allowing users to find the necessary records promptly. To manage a large volume of records with ease, a List View option was introduced, enhancing the system's scalability.

The well-thought-out visualization and various sorting criteria ensured that managing and monitoring leads became not just efficient but user-friendly, meeting the client's objectives proficiently.


The integration of QMS with Salesforce brought forth a range of benefits that significantly boosted the efficiency of the sales consultants and enhanced the customer experience:

Easy Record Finding: Consultants could pinpoint the exact queue where a record was located effortlessly, thanks to the intuitive system layout.

Timely Lead Attendance: With the visualization of wait times, consultants could prioritize leads strategically, thereby attending to them in a timely manner and minimizing customer wait time.

Structured Workflow for Consultants: Sales consultants found their workflow seamlessly organized, allowing them to manage leads more efficiently from the inquiry stage all the way through to the sale, promising a well-structured and timely response to every lead.

Breakthrough | Salesforce Migration
Benefits of Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning


The initiative to integrate QMS with Salesforce marked a turning point in the client's lead management approach. The system, conceived and developed by Minuscule Technologies, not only met the initial objectives set by the client but offered a pathway to a smoother, more responsive lead management process.

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