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Seamless Migration from MS Dynamics to Salesforce CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive solution that many firms utilize to eliminate silos, align processes, and create a scalable and highly adaptive ecosystem. While Microsoft Dynamics 365 has many benefits, it also requires some training and can be expensive. The mobile app is buggy, lacks capabilities, and has data storage restrictions, raising the overall ownership cost.

Understanding this, our client, a leading healthcare organization, decided to utilize the Salesforce CRM technologies and Cloud Lending Salesforce solutions that can effectively streamline the entire sales process by migrating the data to Salesforce CRM. This will also help them to lead in ranking, sales tracking, customer case management, and more.

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Challenges Addressed When Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

The Challenge

Although the migration process may appear uncomplicated, it presents several challenges that must be addressed:

Diverse Data Structures: The need for meticulous planning arises due to the differing data structures, requiring careful consideration during migration.

Complex Workflow Replication: Transferring workflows from MS Dynamics to Salesforce can be intricate, especially since creating custom workflows through standard methods is not an option.

Preserving Integrations: Ensuring the security and functionality of existing integrations within Salesforce can pose a significant hurdle during migration.

Comprehensive Data Preservation: A paramount consideration is preserving every piece of data when transitioning from MS Dynamics to Salesforce, demanding thorough attention and planning.

Our Breakthrough

Considering the aforementioned challenges, our experts use their experience to implement a hassle-free migration process. To ensure a smooth transition, a step-by-step approach was meticulously followed:

Thorough Data Analysis: The process commenced with an in-depth analysis of the customer's MS Dynamics instance, which paved the way for creating a well-planned data migration strategy.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Configuration: This involved setting up Salesforce Sales Cloud, including establishing objects, rules, and process workflows tailored to the specific requirements. It also encompassed the activation of out-of-the-box features such as Email-to-Case.

Customization: The newly configured Salesforce instance was then customized to align with the customer's unique needs.

Data Migration: The team undertook the crucial data migration task, meticulously gathering and preparing data to meet Salesforce's requirements.

Streamlined Quote to Cash Process: The introduction of Salesforce CPQ within the Sales Cloud streamlined the Quote to Cash process. This enhancement resulted in more accurate pricing and billing, reducing the sales cycle duration, enhancing sales representative productivity, and ultimately increasing the win rate.

Breakthrough | Salesforce Migration
Benefits of Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning


Our client witnessed an immediate transformation in their operational dynamics post-integration. The newfound synergy between MS Dynamics and Salesforce CRM empowered them with:

1. Centralized Data Access: A unified repository in Salesforce CRM housed all the customer data previously dispersed in MS Dynamics, thus enabling centralized access to vital customer information.

2. Efficient Lead Identification and Conversion: Armed with a well-crafted lead, the conversion process, identifying and converting leads into opportunities, became a streamlined and efficient process.

3. Enhanced Opportunities for Engagement: With the customer data now housed in a structured manner, the client could leverage this data to create more targeted and personalized engagement strategies, enhancing customer engagement and retention opportunities.

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