Data Verification using Tosca

Living in a data-infested world, it is no wonder that data verification and validation have become the need of the hour. Data transmission from one system to another is a common process for any business given that there are multiple applications as part of the daily operations. Data integrity can become a nightmare for such organizations especially because the organization’s decisions are usually based on the data available at hand.

Challenges Faced During Data Verification

The Challenge

Our clients got most of their required business data through Informatica once every quarter. After uploading the data on Salesforce, the source would be sent as an excel sheet to be manually verified to ensure that the data was uploaded correctly on Salesforce. The verification process took up to a day and as there were many columns for each object, errors were easily missed. So, bad data still found its way into the database, leading to incorrect analyses. The resulting corrections were time-consuming and slowed down operations.

Our Breakthrough

As a trusted strategic partner, we took it up as a challenge to provide a solution where users could confidently continue with their analysis without any interruptions essentially solving data integrity issues.

After intense brainstorming sessions with the client, we decided to use the TOSCA automation tool to verify data coming from third-party sources.

Breakthrough - TOSCA Automation Tool
Benefits of Data Verification using Tosca


  1. The time and effort needed for manual verification were eliminated.
  2. The automation tool only takes a maximum of 30 minutes to bring out the differences after comparing source and target data.
  3. Only good and correct data are saved in critical applications like Salesforce.
  4. Analysis is done with the latest data, reducing the percentage of errors in analyses to 0%.

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