March 15, 2022
CI/CD Implementation
March 15, 2022

Salesforce CI/CD implementation using Azure DevOps

Agile teams are pretty successful in iterative development. Still, there is a considerable challenge in releasing iteratively and getting the changes out of the door to the excitement of the business users. There is significant scope for improvement, especially in coalescing responsibility end to end, not only just Development and Operations.

Licensed products like Copado, Gearset, auto rabbit, and many others can help but come with a license cost. Would you believe it is possible to have a “home-grown” solution with ZERO license cost but provides similar capabilities as given by a licensed product?

Initially, we focussed on CI/CD technologies to streamline the deployment processes for our internal tech teams. But we realized that the continuous integration and testing brought stability to our releases, thus boosting our confidence and shortening the turnaround time for the business.

Minuscule Technologies have been pioneering solutions for almost a decade in the CI/CD ecosystem with existing tools like Github, Azure DevOps, SFDX, and Shell scripts to make an “in-house” deployment framework and tools to

  1. Accelerate deployment time
  2. Push code to multiple environments
  3. Reduce manual errors in deployment
  4. Maintain stable application with ZERO downtime
  5. Facilitate frequent and ad-hoc deployments
  6. Faster lead time from code to production release

In a nutshell, we have built the solution starting from the JIRA boards for the requirements and leveraging Github to integrate source code versions, passing it through the Azure DevOps pipeline, using Shell scripts to facilitate application deployment with SFDX as the catalyst. We have also integrated the deployment process with collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams/Slack to notify and obtain necessary stakeholders’ approvals.

Reach out to Minuscule Technologies to automate your release management process.

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