March 15, 2022
CI/CD Implementation
March 15, 2022
Salesforce Customization Services Helping Real Estate Business

How can Salesforce CRM customization further your Sales/Leasing team in the real estate business?

Salesforce CRM is the dominant player in the Sales ecosystem. The CRM helps store customer data, manage the leads, view the conversions, and more. But to utilize the full potential of the platform for the Real estate industry, domain-specific customization with an understanding of the commercial real estate business and leasing operations becomes essential.

The commercial real estate sector is growing at a phenomenal rate (think of the increase in warehouse needs due to lockdown and online shopping). That means organizations need to keep the whole process of Prospect to Closure inside the CRM itself. This includes opportunity identification, available vacancies, showings history, KPIs like net rent, renewals, cost-benefit analysis, quotes approval, document validation, and agreement sign-off. That means uber Customization.

Minuscule excels in customizing Salesforce CRM for market leaders in the commercial real estate industry. Connect with us to find out more.

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