Heroku - Salesforce integrated Solution

We at Minuscule Technologies have done a solution on Heroku which interfaced with Salesforce and other applications. Following are the high-level details of our solution.

The Hybrid App solution is for an Application that has Web/App solution and we have done using and OAuth 2.0.

The entire application is hosted on Heroku platform and this application fetches the customer data from Salesforce Account Object with HerokuPostgres as its data layer. This application can be integrated with any Salesforce standard/Custom objects bi-directionally.

Build pack used - Java, NodeJS buildpack
Database - HerokuPostgres
Security - OAuth

Technically, the mobile app is a responsive and Hybrid app that works in multiple devices i.e. Android, iOS and Web browsers.

  • The Web application supports responsive UI and can run as standalone app in Linux, Windows and Mac
  • The app is done on JAVA, AngularJS and uses Heroku PostgreSQL as a backend
  • Mobile app has been developed on Ionic 2 with Angular 2 and this helps us to reuse the same code base to build Android and iOS Applications
  • OAuth2.0 is being used in the security module
  • Web server notifies mobile app using Firebase cloud messaging to manage notifications, handling remote configs and gathering analytics
  • We are using Heroku Connect to communicate with Salesforce to gather all custom objects associated with the Application
  • High-level solution diagram as below